Wellfound Foods is grounded in a simple idea: those who eat on-the-go shouldn’t have to compromise quality for convenience.


Our story began in 2010 when our CEO + Founder, Sarah Frimpong (Frim), studied abroad in Amsterdam. Known back home for her love of sandwiches, she quickly ferreted out the best in the city. They made an impact. The sandwiches were simple, fresh, and made with premium ingredients.

In 2011, after spells in corporate sales and a winning presidential campaign, she needed to make rent. Frim worked as a Barista at a local cafe in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC. Enticed by the perk of free food, Frim was disheartened by the poor quality of the pre-packaged sandwiches. So, she did something about it.

Since then, Wellfound (formerly known as Broodjes & Bier) has expanded far beyond sandwiches and our sights are set on so much more. We’re a small team on a big mission to bring better grab-and-go to our community.



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