Why We Changed Our Name.


When I started Broodjes & Bier in 2014, I dreamed that it would become a European-inspired fast casual with sandwiches, beer, and multiple retail locations.

Opportunity and some luck, however, led myself and the business down a different path. With limited financing and industry connections, we took a conservative approach opting to bootstrap and learn our business via wholesaling. As a result, we began supporting fantastic, local retailers - people and institutions that I call partners - providing them with fresh, locally-made sandwiches that they could be proud to offer alongside their own products. Over time we added salads, breakfast bowls, snack boxes, and even took a first-stab at bakery with a breakfast bar. Some formulas and products worked, others didn’t. Challenges notwithstanding, consistent throughout the story of Broodjes & Bier has been our willingness to iterate and change in pursuit of excellence. In this pursuit, we developed a new vision: to make modern, quality-driven grab-n-go food accessible in every corner of our community.

Our new name, Wellfound Foods, is an embrace of and alignment with that big vision. It is the next and natural step for our brand and a demonstration of our continued commitment to making exceptional products with better ingredients that people can connect with and enjoy. I’m so excited to take this next step with you and promise that the best is still yet to come.


Sarah Frimpong

CEO + Founder